December 19, 2016 Jocelyne Nicolas

The host(ess) with the most-ess

There’s something about December that makes us crave a really good house party. No matter what form it takes (too many cocktails, a swanky dinner affair, girls night in with cookies and a great holiday movie) we know that SkyCity will make the ultimate holiday party destination. Just for fun we’ve decided to plan a small holiday dinner party to help you visualize what ‘life elevated’ at SkyCity will mean for your social life.


Dinner is set for 7:00 and you’re going to need to start cooking. Zip out of out of your suite, into the elevator, and right into the grocery store located with in SkyCity’s 60,000 square feet of commercial space. You’ll find all of the fresh produce, meat, and treats to cook your guests a five-course masterpiece!

A quick trip back up the elevator to drop the groceries off, and you can stroll into City Place to finish up your shopping. Don’t worry about your jacket; you don’t need it. The skywalk system, connecting SkyCity to City Place makes cold weather a non-issue. Grab a bottle of wine (or a few, we don’t judge) and head back home to start cooking your feast.

4:00 pm

Start cooking in your beautiful SkyCity kitchen. The countertops are quartz, the appliances are stainless steal, and the view of Winnipeg out your floor to ceiling windows is stunning. Take advantage of the custom island that you added to your space and spread your chopping and mixing out, popping all the dirty dishes into the dishwasher well before anyone arrives.

7:00 pm

Your guests have arrived! It’s a mild night and your balcony is the perfect place for those who need a bit of fresh air. Those who would rather be inside can gather in your living room, and chat with you while you put the finishing touches on an amazing meal (the benefits of open concept living). Everyone is “ooo-ing” and “ahh-ing” over your stunning view of a glistening Winnipeg below.

9:30 pmsk_partyroom_150827-final-hr

Dinner is done and it’s time to enjoy a cocktail and catch up! Your suite is perfect for an intimate group, but you always have access to the 45th floor SkyLounge if your guest list is a bit larger than that. Gather your group by a fireplace or spend the evening lounging in one of the social booths. If you want a bit more of a rowdy evening, the bar area is perfect to mix a few drinks, and the games room awaits you (pool or fooseball anyone?).

If you’re interested in upping your party skills, stop by our gorgeous showroom at 279 Garry Street and chat with our team. We have all of the info you need to make the move to SkyCity and become the ultimate holiday host. Email for details!



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