June 20, 2017 Jocelyne Nicolas

SkyCity is good for your health!

A few weeks ago we read an article in the Globe and Mail that said walking is directly linked to increased brain function and an overall healthy lifestyle. This really got us thinking about how pedestrian friendly life in SkyCity will be! Of course if our residents need parking, parking spots are available, but living downtown we hope that most of them will choose to ditch the cars and get moving.winnipeg_Crop

With a little research we’ve uncovered just how good for your health walking can be. For the average person, walking 10,000 steps means an extra 400 – 500 calories burned in a day. That means weight loss of about a pound a week if you maintain the same eating habits. The American Heart Association notes that a brisk walk can lower risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes if performed and maintained over time. Walking (and all physical activity) is also known to drastically reduce stress levels through the natural release of endorphins!

So just how pedestrian friendly will SkyCity Be? Very! This iconic building will be located in the heart of downtown, walking distance to shops, restaurants, entertainment, and pretty much everything you’ll ever need. In the summer stepping outside will be a pleasure, but in the winter we’ll be connected to the rest of downtown via the SkyWalk system (including City Place, Portage Place, The MTS Centre, Millennium Library, and The Shops of Winnipeg Square), meaning you can still enjoy a walk without freezing to death. If what you need isn’t downtown, you only need to venture a bit further. SkyCity will be built a quick 10 minute walk into The Exchange district, a 16 minute walk to the Forks, and 25 minutes to Osborne Village!

If walking everywhere isn’t always your thing, Winnipeg Transit has you covered. The Downtown Spirit buses are shuttles that will take you to all of the major downtown destinations for FREE! There are three of them that run at peak times to get you wherever you need to go. Of course if you’re connecting to other areas on the city regular Winnipeg Transit buses are easily accessible in downtown. Current service is great, but with the planned expansion of the rapi
d transit system, they’ll be able to get you around the city quicker than your car!

Living in SkyCity means living in the centre of everything. For more information on purchasing in SkyCity, and to book your tour of our incredible presentation centre and model suite, call 204-222-2489 or email info@skycitywinnipeg.ca.


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Own the sky and pay no condo fees & property taxes for a year!

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