January 17, 2017 Jocelyne Nicolas

Resolving to get in shape? Living in SkyCity can help keep you on track!

The New Year is here, and if you’re anything like us you need a gym and a vegetable in your life as soon as possible. It seems like every year people resolve to get in great shape in January but fall off the workout wagon shortly afterward. We don’t blame them! It’s hard to work fitness time into your busy life sometimes. Gyms are expensive, busy, and inconveniently located. Plus you have to lug all of your stuff there in the morning and try and get ready for your day in a tiny, hot change-room. It’s not exactly easy peasy.SK_GYM_150828-FINAL-HR

When we designed SkyCity we wanted to change all that. We’ve created this unique building with your health top of mind. SkyCity will offer residents over 30,000 square feet of five-star amenities designed to create the perfect balance of health and relaxation. You can kick back and hang out with friends and then work off the calories just as easily! Whether you’re kicking off a resolution, getting buff like The Terminator, or maintaining a healthy lifestyle, SkyCity will have something for you.

If you’re a gym loving person, you’ll be gaga for the state of the art fitness and weight machines on the SkyActive level. Not only are they reserved exclusively for residents, but also they’ll come with a gorgeous view of the city. Imagine working up a sweat while watching the sun come up over Winnipeg. If the gym isn’t your thing don’t worry, SkyCity will have something for you too! You’ll love taking advantage of our basketball and volleyball court (points if you start a SkyCity league). If you’re a little more Zen with your fitness, start or end your day with a sun salutation or downward dog in the designated yoga and stretching space. Your mat will overlook the city providing a quiet sanctuary in stark contrast to the busy world below.

We also promise to make your post workout routine snap. After you’re finished, jump in our high-speed elevator and shower in the comfort of your own unit. No more flip flops in a public shower or waiting to blow dry! You’ll also love hitting the hot tubs and steam rooms on the SkyActive Level when you have a little more time. Even if you’re not on the fitness wagon, a good steam will do wonders for your mind, body, and spirit. Conveniently located lockers will keep your stuff waiting for you while you hit the juice bar or maybe grab a lounge chair to spend a few minutes in the sun.

This year, resolve to live life on the healthy train and consider making the move to SkyCity. We know that your body and mind will thank you! For more information and to book your tour of our incredible presentation centre and model suite, call 204-222-2489 or email info@skycitywinnipeg.ca.


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Own the sky and pay no condo fees & property taxes for a year!

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