July 4, 2017 Jocelyne Nicolas

Cheers to the future and another 150 years of beautiful Winnipeg!

Canada’s 150th birthday has riwinnipeg_Cropghtfully brought up a lot of discussion about the history of our great country. While we celebrated with our friends and families at The Forks this past weekend, we started thinking about Winnipeg, the important role it has played in the development of our nation, and the beautiful reminders that history has left behind within our gorgeous city.

Incorporated in 1873 (six years after confederation), Winnipeg has a very important place in Canadian history. In the late 1800’s it was a railroad boomtown and soon became the commercial center of the Prairie Provinces. In the heart of our great city lies the Exchange District, a vibrant neighbourhood that derives it’s modern name from it’s historic one: the Winnipeg Grain Exchange. Where we now have bustling cafes and condominiums once stood the former centre of the grain industry in Canada, as well as the location of other commodity exchanges which developed in Winnipeg between 1881–1918.

At this point in history (about 20 years after confederation) Winnipeg was one of the fastest growing cities in North America! It became known as the Chicago of the North, with much of it’s remaining architecture in that period heavily influenced by the Chicago style. In fact even today, boarding one of Chicago’s famed river tours to look at buildings built in the early 20th century will make you feel like you’re back home in the ‘Peg!

SK_C2_HERO-150827-FINAL-HRWinnipeg though is not a city to get left in the past. Though the great depression and some economic hardships in the late 21st century may have caused people to temporarily leave downtown, we’re in the middle of a downtown renaissance. Though reminders of our great past still stand strong in our city (The Exchange District, The Hudson’s Bay building, the hundred year old homes that line so many of our streets) we have added stunning modernity to our city. The Canadian Museum for Human Rights, the repurposing of what is now The Forks Market, and the world-class Bell MTS Place are all examples of the new and exciting development in our great city.

To us, SkyCity represents a large piece in the revitalization of downtown Winnipeg, and the return of our city to its former glory. With 380 residential units, SkyCity will bring hundreds of people to downtown, increasing pedestrian traffic, retail and restaurant revenues, and encourage businesses to reinvest in our downtown. Additionally our 80,000 square feet of commercial condo space will allow new businesses to thrive and new commercial offerings to bring suburbanites to the centre of our city.

As we look to the next 150 years of Canadian history, all of us at SkyCity are excited to add a new beautiful building to the skyline, one that will stand the test of time and be a warm and happy home for so many Winnipeggers.

For more information on purchasing in SkyCity, and to book your tour of our incredible presentation centre and model suite, call 204-222-2489 or email info@skycitywinnipeg.ca.


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