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Last chance to take advantage of pre construction pricing!

It may feel like this winter is never ending but we’re actually not that far away from warmer temperatures, spring flowers, and most importantly, the start of construction on SkyCity! We’re on track to begin construction in the spring of 2017, which means that there are only a few weeks left to take advantage of pre construction pricing.

To celebrate the move towards spring and our impending groundbreaking, we’re offering huge discounts on all units, up to $7500 off!! For February and March you can save big on your new dream home in the sky:SK-TERRACE-150828-FINAL-HR

$3500 off 1 bed and 1+ den units
$5000 off 2 bed and 2+ den units
Plus $2500 upgrades for all deals signed before Feb 28th!

With 45 floors, stunning 360-degree views of Winnipeg, and 30,000 square feet of five-star amenities, SkyCity will be unlike anything Winnipeg has ever seen before. If you’ve been thinking about purchasing your first home, downsizing your life, or just making a fresh start, SkyCity is the perfect building for you!

For more information and to book your tour of our incredible presentation centre and model suite, call 204-222-2489 or email info@skycitywinnipeg.ca.

Resolving to get in shape? Living in SkyCity can help keep you on track!

The New Year is here, and if you’re anything like us you need a gym and a vegetable in your life as soon as possible. It seems like every year people resolve to get in great shape in January but fall off the workout wagon shortly afterward. We don’t blame them! It’s hard to work fitness time into your busy life sometimes. Gyms are expensive, busy, and inconveniently located. Plus you have to lug all of your stuff there in the morning and try and get ready for your day in a tiny, hot change-room. It’s not exactly easy peasy.SK_GYM_150828-FINAL-HR

When we designed SkyCity we wanted to change all that. We’ve created this unique building with your health top of mind. SkyCity will offer residents over 30,000 square feet of five-star amenities designed to create the perfect balance of health and relaxation. You can kick back and hang out with friends and then work off the calories just as easily! Whether you’re kicking off a resolution, getting buff like The Terminator, or maintaining a healthy lifestyle, SkyCity will have something for you.

If you’re a gym loving person, you’ll be gaga for the state of the art fitness and weight machines on the SkyActive level. Not only are they reserved exclusively for residents, but also they’ll come with a gorgeous view of the city. Imagine working up a sweat while watching the sun come up over Winnipeg. If the gym isn’t your thing don’t worry, SkyCity will have something for you too! You’ll love taking advantage of our basketball and volleyball court (points if you start a SkyCity league). If you’re a little more Zen with your fitness, start or end your day with a sun salutation or downward dog in the designated yoga and stretching space. Your mat will overlook the city providing a quiet sanctuary in stark contrast to the busy world below.

We also promise to make your post workout routine snap. After you’re finished, jump in our high-speed elevator and shower in the comfort of your own unit. No more flip flops in a public shower or waiting to blow dry! You’ll also love hitting the hot tubs and steam rooms on the SkyActive Level when you have a little more time. Even if you’re not on the fitness wagon, a good steam will do wonders for your mind, body, and spirit. Conveniently located lockers will keep your stuff waiting for you while you hit the juice bar or maybe grab a lounge chair to spend a few minutes in the sun.

This year, resolve to live life on the healthy train and consider making the move to SkyCity. We know that your body and mind will thank you! For more information and to book your tour of our incredible presentation centre and model suite, call 204-222-2489 or email info@skycitywinnipeg.ca.

Amazing discounts on all units! New year + new home = best

The New Year is all about starting fresh and beginning a new chapter. If you’re looking to switch up your living situation January is the perfect time to commit to the purchase of a new home in SkyCity. Not only does it allow you to spend 2017 dreaming of stunning views from Winnipeg’s tallest building, you can also take advantage of our best savings of the year!

In the month of January we’re offering some incredible discounts on every unit in SkyCity!sk_wormseye_150828-final-hr

$1,500 off any one-bedroom unit!
$2,000 off any one-bedroom-and-den unit!
$2,500 off any two-bedroom unit!
$3,000 off any combo unit!

Plus each purchase gets you a spin of our wheel of savings. You could win up to $2,000 off optional upgrades, or an instant win $500 gift card!

If you’ve been thinking about making the move, this is the time to do it. For more information and to book your tour of our incredible presentation centre and model suite, call 204-222-2489 or email info@skycitywinnipeg.ca.


The host(ess) with the most-ess

There’s something about December that makes us crave a really good house party. No matter what form it takes (too many cocktails, a swanky dinner affair, girls night in with cookies and a great holiday movie) we know that SkyCity will make the ultimate holiday party destination. Just for fun we’ve decided to plan a small holiday dinner party to help you visualize what ‘life elevated’ at SkyCity will mean for your social life.


Dinner is set for 7:00 and you’re going to need to start cooking. Zip out of out of your suite, into the elevator, and right into the grocery store located with in SkyCity’s 60,000 square feet of commercial space. You’ll find all of the fresh produce, meat, and treats to cook your guests a five-course masterpiece!

A quick trip back up the elevator to drop the groceries off, and you can stroll into City Place to finish up your shopping. Don’t worry about your jacket; you don’t need it. The skywalk system, connecting SkyCity to City Place makes cold weather a non-issue. Grab a bottle of wine (or a few, we don’t judge) and head back home to start cooking your feast.

4:00 pm

Start cooking in your beautiful SkyCity kitchen. The countertops are quartz, the appliances are stainless steal, and the view of Winnipeg out your floor to ceiling windows is stunning. Take advantage of the custom island that you added to your space and spread your chopping and mixing out, popping all the dirty dishes into the dishwasher well before anyone arrives.

7:00 pm

Your guests have arrived! It’s a mild night and your balcony is the perfect place for those who need a bit of fresh air. Those who would rather be inside can gather in your living room, and chat with you while you put the finishing touches on an amazing meal (the benefits of open concept living). Everyone is “ooo-ing” and “ahh-ing” over your stunning view of a glistening Winnipeg below.

9:30 pmsk_partyroom_150827-final-hr

Dinner is done and it’s time to enjoy a cocktail and catch up! Your suite is perfect for an intimate group, but you always have access to the 45th floor SkyLounge if your guest list is a bit larger than that. Gather your group by a fireplace or spend the evening lounging in one of the social booths. If you want a bit more of a rowdy evening, the bar area is perfect to mix a few drinks, and the games room awaits you (pool or fooseball anyone?).

If you’re interested in upping your party skills, stop by our gorgeous showroom at 279 Garry Street and chat with our team. We have all of the info you need to make the move to SkyCity and become the ultimate holiday host. Email info@skycitywinnipeg.ca for details!


Downtown Holiday Shopping Guide

You may have noticed that downtown has been injected with a huge dose of holiday magic in the last few weeks. The snow took its time arriving (and then left, and then arrived again), but now that it’s here  and the holiday lights are all up the city looks like a genuine winter wonderland. Downtown is the perfect place to get a jump on your holiday shopping, avoid mall traffic, and get a dose of the warm fuzzies you need this time of year.xmas-present-1443400

So where to shop? Downtown Winnipeg has an amazing offering of stores all within walking distance of SkyCity, and our show room. We decided to do some very difficult footwork (just kidding – it was awesome), and uncover the best spots for you to purchase that special something for the special someone in your life!

Hudson’s Bay, 450 Portage Avenue

“The Bay Downtown” as it’s more commonly known in the ‘peg, is the last remaining department store throwback we have to the original glory days of Winnipeg. It was built in a time where people wore hats and gloves to go shopping, and there’s something about the place that just feels glam. Maybe it’s the big doors, or the beautiful window displays, or maybe it’s the feeling you get sauntering down Portage Avenue with all of the Christmas lights lit up. Bottom line: it’s magical and you should go. Best things to buy: cosmetics, accessories, and the traditional Hudson’s Bay striped clothes and goodies.

Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC), 303 Portage Avenue

Manitoba (and Winnipeg) are built for people who love the outdoors. You can fish and canoe in the middle of the city after all. Give the perfect gift to the great outdoors lover on your list with a quick trip to MEC. Need a canoe? A subzero tent? Hiking Boots? They have them all and more! Bonus is that their stuff is super high quality and made to last. Best things to buy: really warm winter gear, fun things to make the best out of winter (hello snowshoes!).

Hilary Druxman, 258 McDermot Avenue

Nothing makes a lady feel special like jewelry, and nothing make a lady say “Holy moly I’m super special!” like a gift from Winnipeg jeweler Hilary Druxman! Just walking into her gorgeous shop, you can easily become overwhelmed by gorgeous pieces that are designed for everyday wear, or a special night on the town. The collection is accessible luxury that allows the wearer to express her own unique, individual style. Best things to buy: the Athena necklace that benefits the local women’s leadership group by the same name, bracelets and charms that allow you to express exactly what the special woman in your life means to you.

Toad Hall Toys, 54 Arthur Street

There is no way that you won’t instantly feel like a kid walking into Toad Hall Toys. They pride themselves on their unique selection, old world charm, and friendly and knowledgeable staff, and rightfully they should! This store is truly amazing with something for all of the little (and big) kids on your list. They’re Manitoba’s largest and oldest independent toy retailer and carry a huge assortment of products from over fifty different countries around the world. From books to trains, magic sets, puzzles, and games, Toad Hall Toys will cross a lot of names off of your list. Best thing to by: a rock tumbler (the coolest), wooden train set, the coolest kite ever!

When your shopping is done and your feet are sore, come visit us at the SkyCity showroom at 279 Garry Street. We always have the coffee on and we’d love to see what you bought!

“Wheel” wish you happy holidays (with our Wheel of Savings)!

Ah December, the happiest, merriest month of them all. We’ve gotten caught up in the hustle, bustle, and warm fuzzies that the season brings and want to share that with you!21269-for-sky-wheel-of-savings-pop-up-button_rev2

Instead of offering a specific suite of the month for December we’re giving you a break on all SkyCity suites! Come in, pick the one you want and give our Wheel of Savings a spin! You can save up to $5,000 off of your purchase AND win an instant $500 gift card to help spread holiday cheer. Everyone

is a winner!

With over 30,000 square feet of five-star amenities, stunning views of Winnipeg below, and its location in the heart of Winnipeg’s booming downtown, SkyCity will be known as Winnipeg’s premier luxury residence. For more information and to book your tour of our incredible presentation centre and model suite, call 204-222-2489 or email info@skycitywinnipeg.ca.

Happy Holidays from us to you!

Keep small spaces cozy, light, and bright!

Downsizing to a condo is one of the best moves you can make. Leaving the stress of yasc-livingroomrd work and home maintenance behind can free up a lot of time to do the things you love (hello extended vacations)! We understand though that all of the benefits to condo living aside, your new lifestyle may hit a few bumps when it comes to décor.

Moving from a home into a condo often means that you leave a few spare square feet behind, creating a few interior design dilemmas. What do you keep and what do you stick in the nearest yard sale? Will you regret your mega purge once you move into your new home? Don’t fret! We’ve curated these handy décor tips will make sure that your new home is cozy and clutter free.

Tip 1: Keep it light and bright!

Your SkyCity condo will already come with impressive windows and gorgeous views of Winnipeg. Light will fill your unit making it appear open and bright. Maximize this gorgeous sunlight by choosing a light wall colour peppered with fun accent walls. Light kitchen cabinets and countertops with a glossy finish will also help to reflect the sunshine and make your unit seem as large as possible.

Tip 2: Kick clutter to the curb

Everyone has their favourite kick-knacks, but do you really need the crystal ballerina figurine your grandmother gave you when you were 8-years-old? Probably not. Give the ballerina to the thrift store and hide your clutter whenever possible. Keeping your items tucked away in baskets, cabinets, and drawers will create a clean, open for your unit look.

Tip 3: Furniture that fits the space

Giant over-stuffed furniture is great in a rec room, but may be a bit much in your condo. Make sure that the furniture you’re moving into your new home fits the space. Remember: extra fluffy pillows can always make a smaller scale couch feel like it’s a lot puffier, and a table leaf can always be added for extra guests when needed and tucked away in between dinner parties.

Tip 4: Multipurpose spaces are your friend

Have an extra bedroom but aren’t sure what to do with it? Consider a mixed-use space. A room with a desk and a pull out couch can function as a home office and double as a guest bedroom when company comes to town. Maybe a dream craft room is what you crave but your spouse wants a man cave. Consider adding a credenza with a pull down desk to your spare room so that you can create while he cheers on his favourite team.

Tip 5: Make smart storage choices

In a condo, an on-site storage locker is always your best friend. It can house your Christmas tree in July, and your winter tires in August. You can also use it to store bicycles, patio furniture, and keepsakes that you just can’t part with.

If a storage unit isn’t your thing, there are tons of creative ways to maximize storage in your new home so that you can keep some of your less practical prized possessions on your home. Furniture pieces with hidden storage options are a great way to create some extra space. Consider keeping your tools in drawers under your bed for example. They’ll be well concealed but still handy for your next reno project. Closet organization units are also a great way to make sure that every nook and cranny is turned into useable storage space (plus your shoes will look amazing on display!).

Want to downsize your life? SkyCity is the perfect place to do it! To book a showing of our gorgeous show suite, or for more info, call 204-222-2489 or email info@skycitywinnipeg.ca.

Exciting things are happening at SkyCity!

November has been a very exciting month for our team! As our sales continue to climb, we were lucky enough to host events for some VIP guests and realtors last week. As always, the response from these groups was overwhelming (plus we love the excuse to show off the gorgeous sales centre whenever we can!).

Check out the photos below for a sneak peak into what it will be like to “own the sky” and host a party in a SkyCity condo! As always if you’d like to book your own tour of our incredible presentation centre and model suite, call 204-222-2489 or email info@skycitywinnipeg.ca.

A huge thank you to everyone who attended our cocktail receptions last week. We really appreciate your ongoing support of SkyCity!

Featured Suite | The Graham

GrahamFall is here. We may not like it or want to admit it, but summer is over and the snow is on its way. One of the few redeeming qualities that a chilly season has is the excuse to stay tucked at home under a blanket cozy and warm, watching the frozen world outside. Imagine getting to do that 40 plus stories above the city, basking in the bright winter sunlight through floor to ceiling windows. Sounds pretty great right?

Our featured suite for November, The Graham, is a corner unit that will allow you to make the most of the afternoon sun and incredible western views. Stay tucked inside on snowy days enjoying your view of the sun setting over the iconic Hydro Building and Portage Avenue. When the snow melts, the 85-square-foot balcony is one of our most private and will offer you a sanctuary above the city.

Your living and dining area is a large space, ready for a decorators touch. The huge windows on two sides of the room combined with 9-foot ceilings makes this space bright, airy and ready for your finishing touches.

The den is a flexible space with partial sliding walls to create privacy and quiet when needed and a open concept space when desired. As always your bathroom comes with stone countertops and a fully-tiled shower enclosure.

Ensuite washer and dryer come standard at SkyCity Centre and the Graham also features three storage spaces. Additional storage lockers are available.

The Graham, as our Featured Floor Plan for November, has an additional $1,500 off the purchase price! For more information and to book your tour of our incredible presentation centre and model suite, call 204-222-2489 or email info@skycitywinnipeg.ca.

EllisDon Chosen To Build SkyCity

Fortress Real skycityDevelopments is pleased to announce that EllisDon has been awarded the contract to build SkyCity Centre Winnipeg, the iconic 45-storey mixed-use condominium apartment and office tower in downtown Winnipeg.

“When we launched this project we knew we had to work with one of the best to build it. EllisDon was at the top of our list knowing their capacity, expertise and track record,” said Vince Petrozza, COO of Fortress, “We have worked with them in other markets and believe they are the right team to bring this iconic tower to life.”

EllisDon is a leading global construction and building services company that completes in excess of $3.5 billion worth of projects annually. Over the last 65 years, Ellis Don has built prominent developments in four continents including the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Edmonton International Airport office tower and Eight Avenue Place in Calgary. In Manitoba, EllisDon’s portfolio includes the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport, the Health Sciences Centre – New Women’s Hospital, the Selkirk Regional Health Centre and the Data Center construction.

We asked the team at EllisDon what they thought of the big news, and they’re just as excited as we are! Jamie Whaley, Vice President for EllisDon said, “Ellis Don is thrilled to be joining the SkyCity team. Fortress and Kirkor Architects have designed a striking tower, and we are excited to bring our vast experience to this signature building in downtown Winnipeg,”

So where does that leave us on the road to construction? In addition to the record-breaking sales (we’ve sold more that 50% of our units!), we obtained excavation permits in early 2016 and began working towards construction drawings. Our development team has been working closely with EllisDon to remain on track to start construction in the spring of 2017!

Having major FOMO and want to #OwnTheSky? There’s still time!

For more information and to book your tour of our incredible million-dollar presentation centre and model suite, call 204-222-2489 or email info@skycitywinnipeg.ca.


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Own the sky and pay no condo fees & property taxes for a year!

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